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Pet Of The Month - October


How could we go past this ADORABLE little girl! Remember, if you think your pet should be our next Pet of the Month, please send your entries to with 'Pet of the Month' in the subject line. Manuka loves socialising with her fur friends at her woofers vip park party’s weekly, she has many friends and loves the ball ️... she has so many toys.

Our girl loves being chased around for hours on end and boy is she fast at running!!

Is cheeky & has a very affectionate side too. She gives lots of licks and more licks & certainly loves a good snuggle. She is a salon dog who comes to work with me everyday to greet all of my customers. She loves sitting on laps and getting loads of attention, she has a incredible soft gentle nature.

I have kids with autism/ anxiety and she really calms them down, they come in just to see her. Manuka really loves barking at horses and all animals that move on the T.V. .... highly annoying as I can’t watch “ David Attenborough” I reckon she suffers FOMO (fear of missing out) She’s super picky when it comes to food...she won’t just eat her dry biscuits and her chicken mince must freshly cooked to go with it my mistake. Manuka also shares a home with my 14 year old ginger rescue cat.”Cookie” ... they have finally bonded and really do love each other except the cat still wins... every time... The pecking order is priceless, he steals her bed and she kindly gives it up for the old man. Thanks for being Manuka’s vet, you all do such a wonderful job with her. She loves coming to see you, she drags me up the ramp and she knows the drive to the clinic.

Other than that, she has a wonderful life and is adored by many. She is one very special toy cavoodle.


Thank you for the lovely write up on your beautiful Manuka Honey, Maree! We agree, Manuka certainly is a 'honey' and we simply adore her too!

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