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Cheap Desexing!

Now that I have your attention, let's have a think about what cheap desexing actually means... an animal hospital, just like a human hospital, is a business.... so if a hospital is advertising 'cheap' surgeries, what does that really mean for you and your pet? Where are they cutting costs to ensure they get you in the door?

Is your pet going to be going home with enough pain relief? Will they have sufficient antibiotics to ensure infection is not an issue? Will they have enough staff around to monitor your pet whilst they are under a full general anaesthetic? Will they be under a full general anaesthetic, or just sedated? Will they be using instruments that have been through the extensive, costly sterilisation process? Put simply... there is no such thing as a cheap surgery.

We pride ourselves on giving all of our clients and patients the best standard of care possible, we will not cut corners and therefore we will not be advertising cheap surgeries.

When your pet is admitted for surgery in our hospital, they will have their own nurse from the time they have been medicated to the time they are awake and ready to go home. Every surgery is attended by at least one vet and at least one nurse, your pet will be monitored continually the entire time they are under the general anaesthetic and a recording your pets vital signs is made every five minutes.

Fluid therapy, pain relief, antibiotics and continual monitoring are standard with all of our surgeries, we believe each of these things is essential to a safe surgery and therefore do not give them as 'optional extras'.

Your pets are our priority.

Not every animal handles an anaesthetic in the same way, just as with humans. Some require a longer waking up period and some are awake with in moments of the anaesthetic gas being turned off. Our nurses are trained to stay with your pet, keeping them warm, calm and comfortable until they are able to stand up and move about on their own.

If your furry friend requires surgery, please consider what they will be missing out on if you opt for the 'cheap desexing' option.

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