The clinic has all the facilities to perform most procedures including:

  • A fully equipped surgical theatre for performing routine and detailed surgery including desexing, bone surgery etc.

  • Advanced anaesthesia and state of the art monitoring.

  • Intensive care and emergency facilities such as intravenous infusion pumps and oxygen therapy.

  • X-ray facilities

  • In house pathology for rapid blood tests in urgent situations.

  • Temperature controlled hospital ward with stainless steel cages and an isolation ward.

  • Premium foods and accessories.

  • Tailored pet healthcare programs (seniors, weight control).

Our full range of services include:

• Vaccinations

• X rays

• Surgery

• Microchipping

• Desexing

• Blood tests

• Radiology

• Pathology

• Flea treatment

• Hospitalisation

• Hill's Science Diet foods

• Dentistry (see below)

• Health checks    

• Pharmacy    

• Hydrobath*    

• Puppy classes



Our sophisticated dental unit for teeth cleaning and scaling can ensure your pet's dental health. This will help prevent bad breath and reduce the possibility of heart or kidney failure in later life.


We also have access to visiting specialists and referral to a specialist center when required.


We have a hydrobath (for bathing dogs) and drying facilities that are available for our clients.


All the latest pet related news both local and Australia wide.

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