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Pet Health In Australia

I came across the article the other day, and found it interesting reading! I thought you might too.

How likely is my dog’s breed to go to the vet?

At what age is my cat prone to hyperthyroidism?

Has anyone ever named their pet ‘Prince Harry’?

The answers to all of these questions and more can be found in the newly published Pet Health Monitor. Compiled by Australia’s leading pet insurance underwriter PetSure from almost three million insurance claims over five years, the report provides a comprehensive picture of pet ownership today, as well as digging up some interesting trends.

For instance, the most popular name for both female cats and dogs in the study was ‘Bella’, while ‘Charlie’ was the most popular name for both male cats and dogs.

It seems the two species have more in common than previously thought!

But it’s not all light and *ahem* fluffy… being one of the largest studies of animal health trends in Australia, the report is an essential source of information on common health conditions by breed, age and gender.

According to the report, the most common reason for a dog’s visit to the vet was for ear inflammation, accounting for 6.7% of all insurance claims in 2018 alone, with dermatitis a close second.

Short-faced (brachycephalic) dogs such as bulldogs, pugs and boxers saw a 79% rise between 2013 and 2018 in surgery claims for obstructed airways.

The most common reason for a cat to visit a vet was for wounds (6.9%). (Which is why the Oakleigh Central Vet is a HUGE advocate for indoor only cats)

The report also reveals a growing number of cases of hyperthyroidism in older cats, with 15% of cats 13 years of age or over afflicted by the condition, a benign growth on the thyroid glands that produces an excessive amount of thyroid hormone.

We highly recommend reading the full report for more valuable insights on pet health and the role pet insurance can play.

You can download the report on the PetSure website at

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