Euthanasia and your other pets

Discussing euthanasia and when it's the right time is something we are no stranger to, however the topic of what to do with your other pets during the euthanasia is something I feel isn't spoken about enough.

From my personal experience and the experience of the other staff in the clinic, we recommend having your other pets around during the euthanasia if at all possible.

We are always more than happy for you to bring the whole family, humans and animals alike when it comes time to say goodbye to your furry friend.

Animals are smart, they understand far more than we give them credit for so we need to give them a chance to know what is happening.

Generally for euthanasias that happen at home, the other pets are just 'around'. They go about their business and may seem to not take an interest in what is happening. However, these pet's don't seem to spend as long looking for the dog or cat who isn't with them any more, when compared to pets who were not present during the euthanasia.

For pets who remain at home when the other pet is taken to the vet for t