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Venomous Bites -What should I do?

Bush walks, digging in the garden, sniffing around in the shed or cooling off under the house summer is the time when your pets are most likely to come into contact with snakes and spiders.

What to look for:

Snake - weakness, collapse, shaking, vomiting, blood in urine, dilated pupils, paralysis

Red Back Spider - Intense pain at site of bite and sensitivity to touch, muscular weakness, tremors. Cats will salivate excessively.

What to do:

1. Immobilise your pet and keep them as still and quiet as possible. You may need to wrap them in a towel.

2. Anti-venom may be available and can be life-saving. Identifying what has bitten your pet is crucial.

3. Take your pet to the closet vet immediately.

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