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Cool Cat

As the weather warms up we all start to wear shorts and t-shirts to keep cool, our feline friends however wear their fur coat all year round. This can easily lead to over heating if your cat isn't set up to cope in the summer heat. Here are a few of our tips to keep your cat happy this summer!

Ice - If you're going to be out all day, drop a few ice cubes into your cats water bowl to ensure it stays cool and refreshing for as long as possible. It is a good idea to ensure there is more than one source of water around the house and that the water bowls are kept in area of the house that generally stay out of the sun!

Homemade Air-Conditioning - Fill a small plastic bottle with water and let it freeze over night. In the morning you can wrap it in a small towel and put it in your cats favourite spot to lounge. She may really appreciate the kitty cooling system as the temperature rises in the afternoon, if she's not a fan, she can simply move away from it! (Make sure you don't fill the bottle right to the top, water expands as it freezes so there needs to be room for it to move!)

Raised Beds - You've probably seen them for dogs, but have you thought about using them for your cat? A simple cloth covered plastic or steel framed bed with short legs will allow air to flow around your cat whilst he sleeps, ensuring comfort during hot weather.

Damp Cloth Bath - For older cats, sick cats or ones who have not quite mastered the art of cleaning themselves, a dam cloth bath can feel amazing. Simply wet a face father with cool water and wring it out well and run the cloth over your cats fur (making sure you stick to the same direction as the fur). This little cat bath will feel like they have been well groomed and act like a cooling system as well.

Close the Curtains! - It sounds simple enough right!? Closing the curtains during the day will keep the temperature in your house lower and therefore your pets more comfortable. You don't have to close all of them just the ones where the sun is strongest, we know our furry friends like to watch the world go by!

NO GEL COOLING PACKS! - Cooling packs may seem like a wonderful idea, until you read what is inside them! These ingredients are often considered nontoxic to us, but they could very easily be harmful to our pets. Please avoid using them, go for the plastic, water filled frozen bottle instead.

Save Play Time for the Mornings or Evenings - If your cat loves to play, try to avoid getting them excited in the middle of the day. Play time in hot weather is best left for cool mornings or evenings.

Never, Never, Never Leave Your Cat (or any living thing) in Your Car - Not even for a quick errand, not even just to duck in and grab something, not even because you forgot your wallet inside. A closed car can reach temperatures well over 40 degrees in a frighteningly short time.

If your cat starts panting, drooling, or having trouble breathing, or she seems to be losing consciousness, get your cat in to us or the nearest emergency clinic right away. These are symptoms of heatstroke, and if left untreated, your cat could suffer from kidney damage, heart dysfunction, or other potentially fatal problems.

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