Irritated Ears

A dog’s ability to hear is one of its most important senses, second only to the sense of smell. Dog ears have evolved to enhance and sharpen their acute sense of hearing, giving them the ability to hear sounds at much higher and lower frequencies than humans.

Unfortunately, ears are also a great place for problems to occur. You can pick up problems early by regularly checking your dog’s ears. Normally the ears should look and smell clean and they should be free of wax and dry skin. There should be no hair-loss, nor redness of the skin and no pain or discomfort when you touch them. If ANY of these signs are present, a check up is needed.

What causes ear infections?

Grass Seeds are frequent causes of ear problems in spring and summer. They are usually easily seen during a check up but will often require sedation to remove them. Grass seeds will cause infection and migrate into the inner ear if not removed.