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Tempting Treats

We all loving to give our pets treats as it makes us feel as though we're showing them that we love them! There is a HUGE range of treats available, but how do you know which treats are okay and which treats are a no go?

If you are EVER in doubt about what to feed your pet, please feel free to give us a call, send an email, contact us via Facebook or Instragram! We're always ready willing and able to help you out.

I recently spoke to one of our clients who freezes the broth from boiled chicken to make doggy icy poles! What a wonderful treat on a hot day for a well loved pooch!

Great Treats:

- pumpkin raw or cooked

- carrot raw or cooked

- blueberries

- apple (no seeds)

- banana

- pear

- broccoli

- raw meat (fresh)

- tumeric

- raw bones (not marrow bones)

- capsicum

- pineapple

Occasional Treats:

- cheese (if there is no other way of getting medication in to your dog or cat!)

- pigs ears

- vegie ears

- liver treats (small pieces daily are great rewards, no big chunks thanks!)


- cooked bones

- chocolate

- alcohol

- processed food

- fried food

- ice cream

- macadamia nuts

- mushrooms

- garlic

- onions

- grapes

- coffee

- avocado

- cherries

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