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Warts!? Eeeep!

Did you know that your dog can return home from the park with more than a wagging tail and an exhausted smile...? Your dog can catch warts! Although they look nasty, there is no need for alarm as warts tend to look worse than they really are. That being said, it is best to read on for all of the information.

Warts are caused by the oral papilloma virus. The virus is spread through direct contact with an infected dog or via contact with a shared ball, water bowl or frisbee. The virus enters through a break in the skin and in a couple of months, warts can pop up on the lips, gums, tongue and roof of the mouth or in the throat. In some cases the warts end up growing on top of one another creating cauliflower like lesions.

Dogs with immature immune systems or compromised immune systems are most likely to be infected.

The good news is that most warts will disappear without any treatment. In some cases they can bleed or become infected and may require a course of antibiotics. Occasionally, warts can interfere with chewing or swallowing and require surgical removal. Very rarely they may develop into cancerous growths.

Once your dog has immunity against the virus, it is unlikely that he will succumb to infection again.

If you ever notice anything unusual in your pet's mouth, we recommend you give us a call to discuss booking an examination.

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