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Left or Right Pawed?

I read an article recently that talked about how kangaroos are predominantly left pawed! It had never occurred to me that 'handedness' applied in the animal kingdom!

After hours of observation researchers have come to the conclusion that most wild kangaroos tend to favour their left paw during common tasks like grooming and feeding.

Have you ever considered if your pet is left or right pawed!? Here are a couple of ways you can try to work it out!

- Which paw does your dog offer you first and most often when you ask him to shake?

- Fill a toy with something delicious and put it in front of your dog or cat, which paw does he use to touch the toy first?

- Put something sticky on your dog or cat's nose, which paw does he use to remove it? (not too sticky, we don't want to hurt anyone)

- Place a treat under the couch... just beyond reach... which paw do they use to try and get it out?

- Dangle a toy over your cat's head, which paw does he lift to bat it?

Clearly this isn't exactly scientific, just a bit of fun! However wouldn't it be nice to know if handedness runs in your family!?

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