Just Jules

I've been thinking that perhaps it is about time I wrote a little about myself! Most of you have met me at one stage or another, and some of you may even have noticed that I'm not around quite as much as I used to be... well there is good reason for that and her name is Lena! However, I'll start at the start...

I finished year 12 in 2003 (ouch) and had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life.. so I went travelling. I moved to Spain when I was 18, rented my first apartment and fell into a job selling tickets for a pub crawl in San Sebastian, a beautiful surfing town in Northern Spain. I worked my way through parts of Europe for a year before heading home via Canada to see my grandpa.

Instead of returning to my home town in South Australia I decided to make Airlie Beach in far North Queensland my home for the next few years. Here I worked bartending in night clubs for a while before deciding I needed some fresh air and started leading tour groups around the Whitsunday Islands. When I grew tired of palm trees and coral (who knew that was possible) I moved to Brisbane and landed my first job in an oil refinery thanks to my big brother, Jim.

The oil refinery life suited me perfectly! I could work 12 hour days or nights 6 days a week or 13 days a fortnight, save up all of that hard earned cash and then blow it on plane tic