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Is Your Four Legged Friend a Little Round?

If I had a dollar for the amount of times I have heard people say 'a fat cat is a happy cat' or 'I just can't say no to those eyes'... I'd be taking five star holidays around the globe every year!

Although those eyes may scream 'FEED ME I'M STARVING!!!!' or that meow may drive you crazy so you give in and top up the bowl... you are doing your pet far more harm than a few moments of peace is worth.

It may be as simple as changing your pets diet to make them feel more full for longer, or spreading their portion out across the entire day, giving them HEALTHY treats instead of human food...

You are the one who controls what goes into your pets mouth, it is only you who is to blame when they start to tip the scales.

Here are a few examples of common human food treats and exactly what they mean to our pets:

- a 30g piece of cheese is the animal equivalent to us eating one and a half chocolate bars... for a 10kg dog that is ONE THIRD of their daily calorie intake.

- a sausage or hotdog to your dog or cat is like us eating THREE HAMBURGERS!

- one tablespoon of peanut paste is the caloric equivalent to a 30g piece of cheese... a 'smear' can be used to hide medication if necessary... but not every day.

- one cup of milk to a cat is like us eating FIVE CHOCOLATE BARS!! On top of that, no cats or dogs should drink any other animals milk as they can not process lactose and it may make them ill.

If you are wondering what to give your pet when it comes to treats, try fruit and veg! Carrots, apples, pumpkin and broccoli are wonderful low fat, low calorie alternatives and most of our canine pals LOVE them!

Always remember to check with us or google before feeding your pet fruit and vegetables to make sure they are safe.

Cats can be a little harder when it comes to treats, however there are some wonderful feline treats on the market.. just ensure you keep an eye on how many you (and the rest of the family) are giving them! It can be a great idea to set out how many they can have for the day and put away the packet, that way everybody knows when their quota is up!

If you think your pet is a little portly, please pop in to weigh them at any time. We're always available for weigh-ins, diet discussions and of course it means we get a cheeky cuddle with your pet!

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