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Am I Losing My Mind... or is My Pet Losing Theirs??!

As we are all well aware, ageing takes its toll on our entire bodies, including the brain... unfortunately, this is the same for our pets. If you have senior pet and have noticed them acting a little out of the ordinary, they may have a form of dementia.

What to look our for in dogs:

- Does your dog get stuck in a corner, or go to the hinge side of the door to be let out?

- Have you noticed your dog is less interested in spending time with you, the family or other pets?

- Does your dog seem to be less active?

- Have the long learned lessons of toilet training gone out the window?

- Are your dogs normally regular sleeping habits seem a bit out?

What to look out for in cats:

- Is your cat louder than usual? Vocalising more often or in a different manner?

- Has the clean cat rule gone out the window with failure to use the litter tray?

- Is your cat showing agitated behaviour when they would normally be sleeping

- Is your feline friend looking a little scruffy? Failing to groom themselves?

These signs can often be symptoms of other disease processes, not just dementia. If you think your cat or dog is showing any of these sings, please let us know. We will do a full evaluation of your pet and eliminate the possibility of other disease processes. We have many diagnostic tools and treatment aids at our finger tips, the first step is to get them thoroughly checked out. Give us a call to discuss your options.


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