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It's all about Lou

Just recently we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of having the wonderful Lou working for us! To celebrate I thought I'd write a little about her and maybe even help you get to know her a little better!

Lou came to us as a part time trainee nurse, when she decided that working in the Pets @ Chadstone pet shop wasn't fulfilling all of her animal needs. She had been the manager there for six years and yearned to learn something new and become involved in animal welfare.

The training Pets @ Chadstone had given Lou provided a great platform for her to launch into a nursing career. She was already very familiar with the various diets of dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs and fish along with knowing far more than the average person about flea prevention and parasite control. Her customer service skills were wonderful and she had an eye for detail thanks to her position as manager.

Lou showed passion and dedication to the roll by coming in on her days off to learn grooming, putting her hand up to monitor every surgery she could and asking myriad of questions about how and why things around the clinic work as they do.

The result of this passion and dedication is the experienced, cool headed nurse you see today. It does not matter that situation she is put in, provided she can ascertain all of the information required she will handle it like the professional she is.

On a side note, have you heard about her running?! It is a few years ago now, but one day Lou had a life changing, realisation... she decided that she was not the best version of herself and set about changing that in a big way. She took up running, changed her eating habits and a whole new life style emerged. She now comfortably runs 15-20kms EVERY DAY and lives on fruit, vegetables, lean meat and the occasional complex carb.

Her trusty side kick Max the four year old Chihuahua cross Jack Russell used to come running with her, however even he struggles to make the distance these days! Instead he is content with walks in the park with his HUGE friend Hugo the English Mastiff and naps on the couch, (providing Poppy and Rocky the Scottish Folds allow it) when Lou tires out.

If she isn't running or working you will find Lou being the pet taxi for many clients and friends or even being the live in pet sitter when people go away. (My dogs are lucky enough to have her come and stay when ever I am out of town.)

If you ever have a question regarding a breed of dog or cat, ask Lou... maybe even ask her about all those non school assigned breed profiles she made once upon a time...

If ever you want someone to do a half or even a full marathon with, ask Lou.

If ever you need empathetic, professional and limitless help with your pet, ask Lou.

We love her and we're sure you do too!

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