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National Chip Your Pet Month

May is the month where we remind you to chip your pet and check your chip!

We believe that all pets should be microchipped, yes even the ones who 'never leave home', are 'in doors only,' or what ever other reason you may have!

I can't tell you the amount of times we have had distressed owners call us saying that they have lost their beloved family pet; it is heart breaking. What makes it more heart breaking is when I ask if their pet is microchipped and they say no, 'she never gets out!' or 'he's not allowed outside!'.

As much as these things may be true, there are always exceptions. Perhaps there has been a terrible storm and thunder has them spooked, perhaps wind and rain has created an exit in a normally secure yard, maybe a unknowing friend or family member has left a door open. Accidents happen and we want to make sure you have the best chance possible of getting your pet back.

Microchipping costs $49.50 and it is for life, the only thing you need to do is ensure you update your contact details if you move house or change phone numbers. Most for the animal data bases are national wide now, so chips do not need to be transferred if you are moving interstate.

The procedure for implanting a chip is similar to what your pet goes through for their yearly vaccination. They feel a pinch and then it is all over and the treats and cuddles flow.

The actual chip itself is no larger than a grain of rice and sits between their shoulder blades. Once the chip has been placed, they will never feel it. It has no impact on their behaviour and is in no way detrimental to their health or wellbeing.

If you have been a wonderful pet owner and ensured your pet is microchipped, we strongly encourage you to check your chip! If you pop in with your pet so we can scan their chip number, or give us a call with their number we will be more than happy to run in through the computer to see what details come back. There is nothing worse than losing your pet, knowing they are microchipped but none of the phone numbers you provided all those years ago remain active.

Please people, chip your pets and check your chips!

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