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5 Health Tips For Autumn

As we enter the last month of Autumn and prepare ourselves for Winter we need to consider what is happening in the environment around us that will affect our pets. Here are five of our top tips to help you and your pet enjoy the last days of Autumn.

1. Feed your pet correctly

As the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop it may be necessary to re-think your pets diet. Keeping warm burns energy and therefore some of our furry friends will need to have their bowls topped up. If you have a senior pet, a puppy or kitten or a very active adult pet give us a call to discuss adding a few extra calories to their diet.

2. Be ware - fungus!

Whilst out and about walking the dogs recently, I've noticed quite a few mushrooms and toadstools around. Please remember that not all of these are safe! If you think your dog or cat has eating something they shouldn't have, please call us or an emergency centre as soon as possible.

3. Hearty Food Alert

As the temperature drops we start making soups and roasts, raiding the chocolate stash and having an extra serve of dessert. Please remember that our pets CAN NOT eat like we do! That piece of fat from the roast may see your dog in hospital with gastro or even pancreatitis, the chocolate you've left on the side of the couch may put your dogs life in danger and the bones from that roast chicken may end up a choking hazard or even damage your cats throat. Please keep human food for humans and pet food for pets.

4. Poisons and rodenticides

It's not just us who feel the cold, the rodents of the world are now seeking warmer places to spend their days. People will begin to put out all sorts of poisons and baits, some cats and dogs eat the poison because it smells sweetly and some eat the rodent who has already eaten the poison. Please, if you notice a half eaten rat or possum or your pet is behaving strangely, heart racing, salivating, muscles trembling CALL US as soon as possible or just come straight down.

5. Fleas, Ticks and Mites

The colder months are generally when these critters give us a little break, however we are coming out of the WORST flea and tick season we had had in a long time. It is therefore necessary to continue treating your pet throughout the colder months to eliminate the problem. Don't let them hide in your home environment or the leaf litter gathering in the garden! Ensure you have a good Autumn clean of your house and yard and treat your furry friends with a good quality flea, tick and mite product.

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