Pet insurance - Make sure you have it!

Pet Insurnace.... it seems to be something of a dirty word to many pet owners, I'm guessing that is why only about 1% of pet owners actually have pet insurance.

At the time of getting a new furry friend insurance can seem like just another cost to add to the list... vaccinations, flea treatment, worming, microchipping, desexing, puppy school. cat carriers, collars, leads, bedding, food, food and water bowls, toys... the list is seemingly endless. Why would you insure a young, healthy pet?

Well the truth is, young, healthy pets are just as likely to end up with a cancerous lump, a disease requiring on going medication, an injury from a bite wound from another animal, hit by a car or even a freak accident.

Most vets, us included requrie payment on the day of surgery, do you have the cash to pay these bills up front?

Yes it is true, some insurance companies are hard to get money out of (no surprise there...) but they sure do open up a whole lot of options for you and your sick or injured pet.

X-rays, CT scans, MRI's and a whole host of surgeries are all common place in the pet industry these days, however they are expensive if you do not have the help of pet insurance.