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Desex your pet!

People often put off desexing their cat or dog for many reasons. Reasons vary from the expense, worry over the procedure changing their pets personality and sometimes it is just that people don't want to put their pet through surgery.

We would love to put your mind at ease! Desexing your pet is major surgery, however the anaesthetic used is extremely safe and your pet is given sufficient pain killers to be kept happy and comfortable. The comment we receive most often when clients pick up their pet is 'oh my goodness, I didn't think she would be so energetic!'

Animals are incredibly resilient.

We take the time to reassure your pet, spend time getting to know them so they do not feel frightened and sit with them giving cuddles and monitoring them as they wake up out of the anaesthetic. We keep your pet at the clinic until they are happy and alert.

Now if this were human surgery, you would expect to be in hospital for days, your pet however only needs to spend the day with us! We admit them in the morning and send them home in the afternoon.

As for desexing your pet changing their personality, well it simply isn't true. It MAY curb some undesirable behaviours such as leg, toy or other pet humping, becoming territorial and scent marking.. however these things are not guaranteed.

The two biggest reasons for desexing your pet is to avoid unwanted litters and to significantly decrease their chances of reproductive or mammary cancers.

If you have any questions or concerns about desexing your pet, please contact the clinic. Our nurses are ready, willing and able to answer all of your questions.

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