Recreation Time with Friends & Furry Family Members


Victorians can now catch up with friends*! Our radius has expanded from 5km to 10km and we are allowed outside for up to four hours for exercise or recreation.

So! Grab your picnic basket, text your friend/friends and pop your pooch's leash on, because below is a carefully curated list of south east Melbourne parks that are equipped to facilitate human and canine recreational time.

*Terms and conditions apply:

  • For people who have not received the vaccine and those who have received a single dose you are now entitled to meet another person not from your household for a picnic, a walk, or another outdoor activity (examples: basketball, golf, tennis and cricket).

  • And for those lucky enough to be double dosed, you are now entitled to have up to five adults (plus dependents) from two households to gather outdoors if all adults (18 years old or over) present have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • For full and up to date information please see:

Marlborough Street Reserve

Location: Corner of Marlborough Street and Barrani Street, Bentleigh East 3165

Marlborough Street Reserve features an off and on leash area for your pooch, BBQ facilities with complimenting tables and benches, bathrooms for humans and a water tap to keep everyone hydrated while out in the sun.