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Happy 23rd Birthday to US!

David, Annaelise and their nephew Joseph who is now all grown up and getting married in December.

This photo is taken in the waiting area, looking in to what used to be a small reception desk room.

Another beautiful shot of the fresh faced new business owners!

This view is probably more familiar, taken looking out of the window towards Warrigal Road. The cat is Wibbles whom I'm sure many of you have heard about or perhaps even remember!

Hasn't the front of the clinic changed!

And finally the front view of the clinic taken from the corner of Warrigal Road and Barkley Street.

A view of what the clinic looked like after David and Annaelise had already done some work to it when they first opened the business, to the state we were in during our renovation in 2016 to the clinic we are all far more familiar with now! (Although this photo was taken before our new sign went up!)

Thanks for going on this journey down memory lane with us! We're really proud of how far the business has come and how much it has grown.

Although the floor space has increased by 50%, the staff levels have increased by far more than that and the place is almost not recognisable on the inside, the ethos in the clinic remains the same.

We're 100% family owned, family run and very proud of it.

We have a close knit team who support each other, bring different things to the table and all really enjoy looking after our patients and getting to know their humans.

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