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Mask Fear

As Victoria settles in to wearing masks every time we step out of our homes, we must consider what this does to our pets.

Allow your pets to see you put your mask on and remove it, try to make this a positive experience for them with treats, pats and cuddles. Hiding our faces from our pets can induce or exacerbate anxiety.

I was recently told about a beautiful, slightly anxious young dog who acted very out of character when seeing someone known to him, in a mask.

The couple and their dog were at home, going about daily life when a friend of theirs dropped by to pick something up. The visitor is very well known to the couple and a special favourite of their dog.

The visitor was doing the right thing, he was wearing a mask and keeping his distance from his friends. However, he went to give a big pat to the dog because they were well known to each other.

The dog reacted fearfully and bit the visitor.

The visitor quickly removed his mask and the dog very quickly recognised that he had bitten his friend. Fortunately, t

he two reconciled and no serious damage was done.

If this was a stranger in a park, or someone walking past your house or even a delivery person....the outcome could be frighteningly different.

Please do not touch anyone else's dog when you are out, especially when you're wearing a mask.

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