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Princess Marigold of the Tip

You may have seen some photos of a small somewhat scruffy ginger tabby kitten in our care!

Princess Marigold of the Tip (or Ginny depending on who you talk to), was found in a picnic basket.... at the tip. The poor little thing was as scruffy as a feral, life long tip cat and had a serious issue with one of her eyes.

We have been taking care of her and treating her eye to see what could be salvaged. At this stage, although she will never have vision in this eye it looks as though we will not have to remove it. We are monitoring her eye closely to ensure she is able to keep it lubricated and comfortable without further intervention.

She is a beautiful, sweet little girl who is gaining confidence daily. She has spent one weekend with one of our nurses and has since made leaps and bounds with coming out of her shell.

She follows Mumma Puss around at any opportunity and otherwise can be found sprawled out snoozing like the perfect princess she is.

This little lady has been incredibly fortunate in that she has two options for homes already!

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