Feline Behaviour

A silver lining of CoVid-19 has been the record number of pets being adopted from shelters! There have been so many stories of shelters being empty for the first time since they opened their doors, it is absolutely heart warming during a very trying time.

However... with all of these pets being in new homes, there are bound to be some teething issues.

Let's take a look at cats...

For those of you who think you can not train a cat... well we tend to feel perhaps we need to try a little harder!. Whether it’s a new kitten or an older cat that you’re introducing into your household, training should begin as soon as you bring your feline friend home.

Here are our top tips:

1. Be patient - cats are intelligent, keep training sessions to less than 2–3 minutes and use rewards such as praise and food such as cooked chicken or small amounts of something like 'Applaws' puree treats. Start by training your cat to come when he's called or sit for a treat, you can then move on to even training your cat to be examination ready for your next visit to the vet.