Flavoured Medication

A big deal is often made about the flavour of a medication being the number one consideration when successfully medicating an animal. Many people think that if their cat likes chicken, cooked, raw or out of a tin, it will also like the medicines flavoured chicken, and sometimes that is the case.

But have you even thought about chicken noodles actually tasting like chicken? Or banana lollies like a banana? They really don’t. Added flavours don’t necessarily smell or taste to your pet like the food that they are used to.

Far more important when formulating a palatable product, is dealing with bitterness and the nasty after taste often left by drugs. Drugs are really carefully tamed poisons and nature makes them taste nasty as a deterrent.

Taste is a complex thing and not fully understood in animals the way it is with humans. Using a mix of sweeteners, saltiness, and aftertaste disguisers are the first priority in the art of flavouring.