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What you need to know about kidney disease

When it comes to kidney disease, the statistics can be pretty scary.

As many as 1-in-3 cats, and 1-in-10 dogs may suffer from some form of the disease in their lifetime.

The chronic form of kidney disease is often referred to as ‘the silent killer’ as it can sneak up on your pet and signs may be subtle and hard to notice.

In other cases, kidney disease can come on quickly (classified as acute kidney disease) and might occur following the kidneys being exposed to a toxin or a certain drug for example.

Signs of kidney disease to watch out for:

- increased thirst

- increased urination

- weight loss

- lethargy

- vomiting

Measuring your pet's water intake over 24 hours and bringing us a morning urine sample are two things you can do to get the investigation process started.

The good news is that there is now a blood test available that can help with early detection of the disease.

The result of this blood test is always evaluated with the results of a urine test, routine kidney blood tests, and with a blood pressure check.

All of this information helps determine the stage of the disease and will ascertain which treatment, if any, is necessary.

Treatment may include diet modification and medication that can help reduce protein loss through the kidneys.

This can all help slow the progress of this insidious disease.

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