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Microchipping alone isn't enough!

Does your pet have a name tag on their collar? These are not just cute accessories! Having your pets name and your phone number on their collar is by far the quickest way for someone to return your pet to you. For example, if your pet is lost over a weekend or in the evening when all but the 24 hour vets are open, you and your pet could be waiting over night to be reunited. However, if there is a phone number on you pets collar.. you could be reunited far more quickly.

Is your pet microchipped? They should be, it is a legal requirement.

Are the details on the microchip up to date? This could be the difference between seeing your lost pet again or not.

Microchipping is one of those things that generally happen very early in the pet's life, and because they are invisible to us, we then simply forget about them.

However, come the day your beautiful pet is lost or worse, stolen... enter the amazing microchip to help ensure they are returned home safely... or will they be?

Every time you change addresses, change mobile numbers, work numbers, emergency contact numbers... you need to update your pets microchip details.

Have you recently adopted a pet? We highly recommend checking the microchip details soon after adoption, be it through a breeder, rescue group or other. You never know if all of the correct paper work was completed when the pet became yours. Speaking from experience, I had had my dog Volta for THREE YEARS when I decided to check on his chip details, only to find they details on the microchip were still that of the rescue group he came from. I don't blame the company, things happen, paperwork goes missing... but I do blame myself for not checking on it earlier.

This does not have to be a long nor difficult process, a simple phone call to the chip company or even a few clicks on their website will have your pet more secure than ever.

Recently we have been faced with a few people who are hesitant to chip their pets (despite it being law) for myriad of reasons.. the one that springs to mind is because they were going to move again in a few months.

Perhaps there is a misconception about what microchips do? Or that changing the details on them is simply too time consuming or difficult?

What ever the reason, it simply does not compare to you not being reunited with your lost pet due to the chip details being incorrect.

If you are unsure if your pet is microchipped, or if the details are up to date, please let us know!

You are welcome to pop into the clinic at any time, it is free for us to scan your pets microchip and check the database to ensure the details are accurate.

Your pets will love the non invasive visit and will receive ample snuggles and treats for their efforts!

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