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Pet of the Month

Let's get to know each other, well our pets at least!

I think it is fair to say that the majority of us think our dogs, cats, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits or whom ever else calls your place home are just that little bit cuter or more entertaining than everyone else's...

So we thought we should start a Pet of the Month section in our newsletters. You'll have until the 25th of each month to enter your pet/s.

Entries can be made by:

1. email

2. Put "PET OF THE MONTH" in the subject line

3. Attach a CLEAR photo of your pet

4. Include name, age, gender, species and breed

5. Tell us why your pet should be next months Pet of the Month!

I'll kick it off with my beautiful cavalier's Zoso and Volta.

Many of you have met Volta, he is the little black and tan greeting service who works Tuesday's, Wednesday's and some Saturdays.

He has no idea of personal space or boundaries, meaning he will often push his way on to your lap in the waiting area and sometimes even in the consulting room.

He can be a wonderful grief councillor, offering a warm head to pet as you remember your furry friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Cat's and kittens are his favourite, he will try and get into the carrier with your cat and will lick your kitten until it's soggy.

This behaviour is basically the same at home..

He tries to lick the hands and faces of my kids clean, he is on my lap 0.25 seconds after I sit down and pushes his way onto the lap of every house guest we've ever had.

He gets off of the couch and gives me 'the look' when he thinks it's time we went to bed and protects the house and pack tirelessly by barking at anyone who dares walk past our fence. (Enter the property however and he will welcome you with a loving wag of the tail and lick of what ever body part is closest.)

Zoso is my Ruby boy, my first baby and is lesser known around the clinic as he has a somewhat embarrassing habit of chasing cats... So for the sake of Mumma Puss and all other cat's who enter the clinic, he stays home on work days.

This may sound mean, or as though I have a favourite... but Old Man Zoso loves his days off. He is quieter and more gentle than Volta, he moves more slowly and is more content with his own company.

That is at least, unless an animal dare enter the T.V screen.... then he pounces into action, dutifully barking to protect the pack. He runs around the lounge room, barks at the T.V. and then races out of the doggy door to see if he can find the intruder outside.

He also springs to life at the beach forgetting he has had bilateral patella surgeries and has a titanium mesh plate on his skull (long story), running around like a 6 month old pup, chasing balls, swimming and digging to his hearts content (unlike Volta who prefers to sit on a towel, because god forbid he gets his paws wet or sandy).

He is Mumma's boy through and through. If we're out for a family walk and I'm lagging behind, he will stop walking (much to Splatty's disgust) and wait for me every time. He loves to be little spoon, snuggled up under the covers and would sleep with us all night if we let him. (We don't because he snores like a freight train.)

We love our Cavalier's and despite the myriad of health problems within the breed

would recommend them as a family pet in a heart beat. They are gentle and playful with the kids, loyal and fun for us and have the most adorable personalities.

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