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Mini Mumma

You may have noticed another cat roaming around our clinic recently, we've nicknamed her Mini Mumma. She is around 2 years old and mother to four adorable kittens and adoptive mother to another two. We have obviously fallen in love with all of the kittens, but I think we all have an extra special soft spot for this sweet, gentle, affectionate Mini Mumma.

When she came into the clinic she was very wary of us and behaved as though she'd never received love from humans. She was instinctively protective of her tiny bundles of fur, but also took on two more with out hesitation.

Now that her kittens are beginning to need her less and less we are seeing more of her delightful personality emerge. She often jumps the barrier from the kitten room to roam the clinic, taking a much needed break from her demanding brood. She quietly patters around the clinic, lazing in the office or treatment area soaking up the alone time and hoping someone will stroke her as they walk past.

She has begun to intertwine herself around your legs when you pause to stroke her, and will push her head into your hand for more cuddles. She's not quite ready to be picked up and carried as yet, but will very happily sit next to you and purr.

She has met many of our clients dogs and we've recently introduced her to my dog Volta. Initially she hissed and backed away, but by the end of the day through Volta's persistence (he loves cats!) they could happily lay next to each other on the office floor. Perhaps a home with a dog is in her future?

We need to find a forever home for this beautiful girl and begun taking expressions of interest, if you think you could give her the home she deserves, please contact us as soon as you can!

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