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We recently took in two orphaned baby kittens that required round the clock bottle feeding. It was exhausting for us nurses, but we knew that without us, they wouldn’t survive. About a week and a half later though, another four neonatal kittens were brought into the clinic, but this time with their mother! Not only is this beautiful mumma taking care of her four babies, she straight away started caring for the two orphaned babies when they were introduced to her. It was so beautiful to see her accept, love and care for these tiny kittens, who for some reason or another had lost their own mother. It is so important that if you find stray neonatal kittens outside, you wait (from a distance) to see if their mother is around. Most the time, if she isn’t with her babies, she is somewhere near. Nothing compares to the care a mother cat can give to her kittens, so we are so happy that all six kittens now have the chance to receive this love and care.

Please note these kittens will eventually be up for adoption, however they will stay with their mother for a minimum of eight weeks. If you are interested in adopting, please phone the clinic in mid-December for an update.

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