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Do you know where your dog came from??

DNA testing for dogs

Do you have a mix breed dog and ever wondered what exact breeds they are? Well, there is a simple way of finding out with the Advance Mixed Breed Identification DNA Test. This test can be easily done in the vet clinic with just a simple blood sample taken from your pet. The blood sample is sent to an external laboratory where it is tested, with results and a full profile report sent back in less than one month.

What do you find out with this test? The test will discover your dog’s genetic make-up back to their great grandparents by comparing their genetic signature with more than 200 breeds, types and varieties.

This test has been used by one of our own vet nurses, Bahar for her dog Rascal. For many years, Bahar knew she had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X, but she did not know what her dog Rascal was crossed with. After testing, it was found that Rascal was a Maltalier, which is a Maltese cross Cavalier. She even found out that Rascal’s great great grandparents were pure Maltese.

If you are interested in finding out what breeds your dog has hidden inside them, call us at the clinic and we can discuss getting your dog DNA tested.

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