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Phoenix rises again

Phoenix is our very special case of the month. Phoenix was adopted from RSPCA 18 months ago and was a special adoption. Why? Because he had advanced cataracts and was blind. His new owner had to put expensive drops into the eyes multiple times a day to help prevent the onset of glaucoma - pain full swelling of the eyes. He was under the care of a specialist ophthalmologist as well as regular check ups with us.

In a recent visit, we found that the pressure in the eyes had jumped up to 5 times normal pressure causing pain. A call to the ophthalmologist confirmed that there was only one treatment - removal of both eyes. The owner was well aware that this time could come and booked him in the next day and sent home on pain relief.

The following day both eyes were surgically removed. When he woke from surgery we were amazed that he was standing at the cage door, 'looking out' in the same way he was before surgery and wagging his tail !!!. When his owner came to pick him up, he pulled on his lead walking down the hallway and jumped up onto his owner's leg wagging his tail as if nothing had happened. An amazing outcome.

Phoenix had technically been blind for a number of years with the cataracts and degeneration of his retinas. He may have been able to see a few shadows of light but removing his eyes made little difference to his coping with blindness. It is amazing how the body copes !!!

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