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Could you recognise heart disease in your pet?

Heart disease can slowly creep up on you and would you be able to recognise if your pet was in trouble?

Knowing the early signs of heart disease can make a big difference to your pet's life. If you catch the signs early and seek medical help from us, early treatment can mean a better quality of life for your best friend.

Heart failure affects the pumping mechanism of the heart. It is often referred to as congestive heart failure as it results in blood pooling in the lungs causing fluid build up in the lungs.

Cats can be very good at hiding the signs of heart failure - they put on the brave face !!!

The signs to look for in dogs and cats are:

An enlarged abdomen

Weight loss or poor appetite

Signs to look out for in dogs :

Coughing, especially at night

A reluctance to exercise and tiring more easily on walks

Weakness or fainting with exercise

We have access to medications that can make a huge difference for pets with heart failure. We would initially to some tests to check the heart and make sure that we are choosing the right medicine for your pet. This can include X-rays, Blood tests and even and ultrasound.

Often we pick up the early stages of heart problems in your pets regular examinations and may need to run tests to see how bad the issue is. Latest research shows that catching the heart problem earlier and starting the medications earlier can dramatically extend the lifespan of a pet with a heart problem

If you think your pet is showing and of the signs above it is important that we see them for an examination. Early treatment can help your pet lead a longer and happier life.

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