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Easter Indulgence

I can't believe how early Easter is this year. We normally sent out a message about the dangers of chocolate in April but by then the danger will be all eaten !!!

Dogs are designed to seek out any morsel of chocolate - big or small, wrapped or unwrapped. I know my Lab Holly can seek out anything edible !!!

The problem is that there is a caffeine like substance in chocolate called theobromine. Dogs have trouble digesting this and ingestion leads to:


Tremors , panting and racing heart

Vomiting and diarrhoea


Chocolate ingestion can be fatal in some dogs. Generally dark chocolate is more toxic. Cooking chocolate and 70% cocoa chocolate is the worst. It is best to call us immediately if you dog has ingested ANY amount of chocolate. In most cases, if we are able to make your dog vomit we can avoid any of the nasty side effects.

And don't forget about sultanas and raisins - hot cross buns are off the menu for dogs also. I am glad I don't have this problem - Easter would be a nightmare !!!!!

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