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Itchy and Scratchy

Itchiness can be excruciatingly annoying for your pet and can quickly lead to skin trauma. Secondary skin infections that require antibiotic treatment can quickly develop.

Your dog or even your cat may bite, lick or scratch at themselves excessively


Here are our top tips for preventing an itch:

1. Be vigilant with flea treatment all year round. Fleas are THE major cause of an itchy pet and regular use of a flea treatment is the cheaper and easier option! Ask us for the best flea treatment available as there are some new and very effective products now available.

2. Avoid known allergens if your pet is itchy such as long grasses, or most ground cover plants.

3. Keep your pet's skin and coat in top shape to provide a good barrier from allergens

- wipe down any exposed areas of skin after each walk,

- use a barrier lotion such nutriderm or aloveen before going outside.

- Use a specific diet such as "Dermdefence" which can lower histamine levels and improve skin and coat health.

4. Only ever wash your dog in pet shampoo and conditioner - some products can help improve the barrier of the skin, reduce itch and protect from allergens - ask us for a good recommendation.

5. Some pets may find relief with an antihistamine just like we do, or a medication that can help to reduce the immune system's response to the allergen - depending on your pets individual skin type and condition we can provide you with more information about what might be suitable for your pet

If your pet is itchy don't wait too long before arranging a check up.

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