How to Avoid A Trip to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital this Christmas

Tip 1: Don't leave gifts that contain food under the Christmas tree

Chocolates, Christmas puddings, coffee and baked goods are all very common and thoughtful gifts to receive, however they can often prove too temping for our inquisitive four legged friends and depending on what is consumed and how much, can be toxic for your pet. If you are concerned at all call your local veterinary emergency hospital for advice (contact numbers located at the bottom of this article).

Tip 2: Don't leave a table of food unsupervised

The terribly unfortunate sentence "We just stepped out for a second to take a family photo!" is uttered too many times on Christmas day. Hours of your hard work making a huge Christmas Day feast can be snapped up in an instant by a quick footed four legged friend (foe?) when given the chance. Can you blame them?! Your cooking smells amazing, so best not tempt the little opportunist by leaving your beautiful spread unsupervised, not even for a minute.