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How to Avoid A Trip to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital this Easter

Tip 1: Pet proof your Easter egg hunt

There are three things you can do to ensure a trouble-free Easter egg hunt.

  1. Count the chocolate eggs. Its important to know how many are hidden vs. how many have been found.

  2. Make note of where you hid the eggs. Use the notes app on your phone to keep a little secret list of all the hiding places so you know where to check if there are more eggs to be found.

  3. Secure pets away from the designated egg hunting area while hiding eggs and during hunt. Doing this will help you avoid a possible chocolate or foil ingestion from your furry family member.

If you suspect your pet has ingested chocolate and/or foil on a public holiday please contact your nearest emergency veterinary hospital and seek advice on how to proceed. Chocolate toxicity and some foreign bodies are considered an emergency and your pet might require urgent attention.

Tip 2: Educate your family about the ingredients that can sometimes accidentally slip by us

Feeding your dog a chocolate Easter egg? An obvious 'No.' Giving them a nibble of your hot cross bun? Potentially dangerous. Raisins are dried grapes that are often forgotten about in the list no-no's for pets. Make sure to be cautious about hidden ingredients before sharing what's on your plate with your pet. Another commonly overlooked ingredient to avoid is macadamia nuts, often hidden in biscuits, puddings and other chocolate based treats (rocky road being a common one).

Tip 3: Don't leave a table of food unsupervised

Hours of your hard work making a huge feast can be snapped up in an instant by a quick footed four legged friend (foe?) when given the chance. Can you blame them?! Your cooking smells amazing, so best not tempt the little opportunist by leaving your beautiful spread unsupervised, not even for a minute.


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