Dominance in Dogs


Did I ever tell you that I want to become Prime Minister? Surely a dog in charge would bring a bit more common sense in to politics and I am sure I would be cheaper to maintain.

On a more serious note, I just so dislike this term dominance that is bandied about. Basically this is what you humans tend to label us animals as soon as we do something you don’t like, even as silly as us walking through a door first, or lying on your bed, jumping up or refusing to give you our favourite toy. Suddenly we are trying to be dominant. Give me a break!

The dominance myth says that we do undesirable things because we want to dominate you or be the pack leader. When you assign human motivations to our behaviour, not only is it unfair but it also sets up a power struggle. If you start believing we are acting out of ‘spite’ or are trying to ‘dominate’ you, then you look for ways to put us in our place or punish us without understanding why we might have truly behaved that way.