Water for Wildlife

As the temperature begins to rise (even if it is only for a day at a time at the moment...) we need to start thinking about our wildlife. It may feel as though your garden isn't home to a trove of wildlife, but if you stop and think about it.. there are hundreds of critters moving through your garden every day! Insects, birds, frogs, reptiles and a little further out of town kangaroos, wallabys, wombats and even echidnas! Providing water in safe, shady locations for the creatures in your neighbourhood can literally save lives.

Personally I love a bird bath. Not only do they provide a wonderful place for birds to drink, splash and cool off, they allow me to get a good look at the birds in my yard! My bird bath sits under a big shady tree on my front deck. The tree provides cover for the birds in between drinks and also ensures the water stays cool on the hottest days. I love to sit in the window and watch the birds, as do my kids and dogs.

Keeping a few water bowls at different heights is a great idea to ensure all of the wildlife in your garden has easy, safe access to water.