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Is my dog a deductible?

As the end of the financial year rolls around we are all looking for ways to maximise our tax returns. Under most circumstances your pet pooch is not going to qualify as a tax deductible item however, if it's a guard dog they just might!

A guard dog that is purchased by a business and kept on premise to keep it secure is regarded as a capital asset of the business and is indeed deductible. Now before you get too excited

thinking you can write off your quarantine puppy called Sprinkles who is purebred Cavoodle-smoodle-oodle you must ensure that this “guard dog” meets the follow criteria:

  • Your work duties require you to use a guard dog

  • It is a requirement of your employment that you provide your own guard dog

  • You train the dog to be a guard dog from a young age

  • The dog is only for use at work and isn't treated like your pet or your family's pet

  • Is an appropriate bred for the task (For example you'd most likely use a German Shepherd for a car yard and sheep dogs for farms)

If your pooch meets all of the above then you can look forward to claiming the ongoing guard dog expenses such as:

  • Food

  • Veterinary expenses

  • Registration costs

Things that you won’t be able to claim for your guard dog are:

  • A deduction for the initial cost of buying the dog

  • If your employer provides the dog or pays for its costs

I hope this helps!


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