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Weight Control for Pets

Staying Healthy

When our pets are over nourished and are carrying a little extra weight, you may not be aware how much it can affect their health. Even being as little as 20% overweight can greatly increase the risk of your pet developing serious health conditions as their body fat increases, and so does the risk for:

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Reduced mobility

  • Increased physical injury

  • Kidney disease

  • Respiratory disease

  • Cancer

  • Shortened life expectancy

  • Bladder stones

  • Diabetes mellitus

  • Hepatic lipidosis (cats only)

How Does Your Pet Shape Up?

It’s not easy for us to admit when our pets are starting to look a bit “chonky”, however ignoring the problem can have serious consequences.

This handy Body Condition Score tool will help you to determine your pet's level of risk of obesity.

If your pet does not have an ideal body condition or if you are unsure, we strongly advise you to set up an appointment with our qualified veterinary nurses. They will make an accurate weight assessment and offer you the best advice to help your pet to reach their ideal weight.

One Small Treat Won’t Hurt, Will It?

It’s not easy to say “no” when your pet is staring at you longingly for a treat, however we need to be strong for them.

Did you know?

Just 15g of cheese fed to a cat is the human adult equivalent of two hamburgers!

Here are some tips for keeping your furbabies healthy, happy and in tip-top shape.


  • Keep tabs on treats. Extra treats can lead to extra kilos.

  • Put a few kibbles in different spots each day and bring out your cat's inner hunter. Treats don't have to be food. Spoil your pet with a new toy, snuggles and games.

  • Turn exercise into fun by playing with your cat.

  • Shine a flashlight on the floor and walls, and watch your cat go.

  • Give your cat a box to play in and see what they do.


Unlike cats, dogs frequently enjoy healthy treats such as raw vegetables. Instead of feeding your doggo a treat from the packet, try them on a crunchy carrot or broccoli stem. Cucumbers are another popular favourite!

Consider these ideas for some healthy pooch play:

  • Walking - try different locations for variety. Some dog parks provide agility equipment, or you could go for a bushwalk and explore the terrain together.

  • Play Fetch - some dogs just love to run back and forth and never get tired! Try playing on a hillside for extra intensity.

  • Make a 'dogstacle course' in your backyard using sports cones, cardboard boxes and a hool-a-hoop.

  • Visit the dog beach and go for a swim!

Our Weight Control Program

We have a tailored weight loss program to ensure that your pet reaches their goal weight. All you need to do is book in for a FREE weight loss consultation with one of our qualified Veterinary Nurses. They will weigh and measure your pet and discuss a specific weight loss plan for them.

Call us (03) 9568 2211 and book today.


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