Stick a thumb out Peg, we're hitchin' a ride!

Okay, confession time. I don't drive. I know, shock horror. But surely, you say, surely you have your licence? Well, kind of. I got my L's six months ago but got it purely for identification purposes so don't put me behind the wheel. I would like to say in my small defence, before I lose your respect entirely, that I have lived in the city my entire life and driving was never a necessity! Poor excuse, I know.

As you might also know now (see the Pet of The Month section of our newsletter) I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Peggy. She is the light of my life and also my little shadow. She comes with me everywhere so we have become quite accustomed to using a mixture of walking, lifts from friends and family (shout out - thank you all!), public transport and Uber Pet to get around. When I tell people this they are usually shocked, most people don't know about the options that are available to non-drivers like myself so I thought I would share.


Walking is often the easiest way to get around when you have a dog but no car. Peggy and I walk to and from work together every day, we walk together to do our grocery shopping, grabbing a coffee on the weekend and to family and friends houses that live near by. No need for a gym membership, Peggy has my cardio well and truly covered.

Rule of thumb: If the destination is 5km or under, walk.