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Oakleigh Central Veterinary Clinic's COVID-19 Protocols - Hospital Status: Restricted Access

Starting 8th November 2021

  • To enter the clinic all clients must provide valid evidence of being double vaccinated to a staff member

  • Masks must be worn in accordance with the directions of the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria

  • A limit of one (1) person per pet are allowed to enter the building at any one time

  • A limit of three (3) clients are allowed in the reception area at any one time

  • Social distancing required at all times from both staff and clients

  • Do not attend this clinic if you:

    • Have a confirmed case of COVID-19

    • Are awaiting test results for COVID-19

    • Are a primary or secondary contact to a confirmed case of COVID-19

    • Are experiencing flu like symptoms

  • Abusing staff will result in refusing service and dismissal from our clinic

  • Request a contactless consultation by calling us on (03) 9568 2211

Our clients are our first priority - that’s why we want to keep you up to date on changes to the way we work and how we’re prioritizing your needs while also following government guidelines

For any questions or concerns please contact us before your arrival on (03) 9568 2211


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