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Nurse consults available now

With the increasing demand on veterinary services around Australia, pet owners are having

to book vet consultations further in advance and wait longer for their preferred appointment

times. We understand that this can be incredibly frustrating and stressful—especially when

you are worried about your furbaby’s health and wellbeing.

In an effort to reduce wait times and to ensure that our ill and critically injured patients

receive priority care, Oakleigh Central Vet is now offering Nurse Consultations for selected


Our qualified veterinary nurses are available to assist with a variety of services including:

Dental Checks

Regular dental checks are vital for your pet's health. Poor dental hygiene can result in a host

of medical problems including gingivitis, periodontal disease, tooth loss, infection, and

difficulty eating.

To ensure that your cat or dog remains comfortable and pain-free, our nurses will perform a

thorough oral examination to check for missing or broken teeth, abscesses or infections, bite

misalignment and tartar build-up.

Repeat Injections

In some cases, when a course of injections is prescribed by our vets, they may only need to

see your pet at the beginning and end of the course. This is quite common for treatments

such as arthritis injections.

To help save you time and to reduce your costs, our qualified nurses will administer the

interim injections and ensure that any observations are updated in the patient notes and

relayed back to the vet.

Post-Operative Checks

It’s important that we see patients 10-14 days after surgery so that we can check that the

wound is clean and healing normally. You’ll also have the opportunity to share any concerns

or questions you may have about your pet’s recovery.

Suture Removal

Pets who have had dissolvable skin sutures will not require suture removal, however some

sutures will need to be removed by our experienced nurses.

It’s important that your cat or dog continues to wear their Elizabethan collar to prevent them

from licking the wound and contaminating it, or from removing the sutures in the meantime.

Please also note that you should not bathe your dog or get the wound wet for a minimum of

ten days after surgery.

Nail Trips

The familiar ‘clip clop’ of nails on the hardwood

floor is a sure sign that it’s time for a nail trim,

however it’s not always easy to keep a wriggly

puppy or a fractious kitty still for long enough to

clip their nails safely!

Our nurses are here to assist and make nail trims

less stressful for you and your pet.

Anal Gland Expression

Anal glands are two grape sized scent glands that sit just inside a dog’s bottom and they

may become blocked, becoming intensely itchy and painful. Some dogs require regular

expression of their anal glands to keep them comfortable and to prevent infection.

Book an appointment with our experienced nurses to ensure that your dog’s anal glands are

emptied regularly.

Will I have to pay for a Nurse Consult?

Please note that there may be a charge associated with some of these items, however you

will have peace of mind knowing that your pet is being attended to promptly by our caring,

professional nursing team.

To book a consultation please call us on (03) 9568 2211 or book online.


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