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Is Your Dog at Risk for Osteoarthritis?

Protecting a dog’s ability to run and play is key to preserving quality of life. That’s why early recognition and treatment is so important. Did you know that 20% of dogs over the age of 1 and 80% of dogs of 8 will show sign of Osteoarthritis (OA)?

As winter is almost behind us now however, your dog may still be showing signs of stiffness such as trouble jumping up on the couch, difficulty climbing up stairs, or taking longer to get up in the morning. Painful joints may be aggravated by the cold temperature from the change in season.

OA is a chronic condition where cartilage in the joints breaks down, causing pain and swelling. As OA gets worse, bone spurs can form, causing more pain and joint damage.

  • Simple lifestyle changes can help protect against OA:

  • Food: Make sure your dog is eating a nutritious and balanced diet to help them maintain a consistent weight.

  • Bedding: Padded, soft bedding can relieve pressure on joints. It is also important to make sure your dog is warm when they sleep.

  • Exercise: Make sure your dog is getting light to moderate exercise every day. Avoid high impact activities that can over-stress joints, worsen pain and slow recovery and improvement

  • Risk Factors for OA:

There are 4 main risk factors that are associated with OA: Age, Weight, Breed, and History of Joint Injury.

Could your dog be at risk?

If you've already covered the above suggestions for your dog, but still feel they are suffering from OA there are a few more things we can do to help ensure they're as comfortable as possible.

You may have already heard of arthritis injections, zydax injections, food additives or treats which can help. Give us a call and we can discuss what course of action would be best for your dog.

* Cat's can also suffer from osteoarthritis and we have solutions for them too!

Here is a quick quiz you can do to check the risk factor for your dog.

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