Ginger Kittens

Have you seen our beautiful ginger kittens? They are not so small anymore!

** Please note that both of these kittens seem to have a progressive, congenital disorder which affects the way they walk. The female kitten in particular often walks with a 'hop' meaning that her back legs move at the same time. The male kitten is limping on his left hind leg. We have examined them both and can not find anything obviously wrong with them, but their issues are undoubtable.

Thankfully neither of them seem to be in pain.

For the moment, they are being fostered in a wonderful home as of the 31st of April. Here they will be able to stretch their legs in a wonderful, loving home environment and we will be able to see if their issues progress quickly or if they come to a standstill.

None the less, these two need a forever home.

They need a home where people understand that it may be palliative care. Where the humans understand that they may have these kittens for 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 months or maybe, hopefully 10 + years!