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Ginger Kittens

Have you seen our beautiful ginger kittens? They are not so small anymore!

** Please note that both of these kittens seem to have a progressive, congenital disorder which affects the way they walk. The female kitten in particular often walks with a 'hop' meaning that her back legs move at the same time. The male kitten is limping on his left hind leg. We have examined them both and can not find anything obviously wrong with them, but their issues are undoubtable.

Thankfully neither of them seem to be in pain.

For the moment, they are being fostered in a wonderful home as of the 31st of April. Here they will be able to stretch their legs in a wonderful, loving home environment and we will be able to see if their issues progress quickly or if they come to a standstill.

None the less, these two need a forever home.

They need a home where people understand that it may be palliative care. Where the humans understand that they may have these kittens for 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 months or maybe, hopefully 10 + years!

The humans need to have the means to care for them. By this I mean their issues may require further investigation requiring more money than the standard vaccinations, worming and flea treatments cost.

If you would like more information on these kittens, please get in touch with Julie. **

A few months ago we had four kittens and their mother arrive on our door step after a lovely lady found them living in her back yard.

Mumma Ginger - Is now named Penny and is being fostered by a wonderful client

Torti Girl - is now named Frankie and is being fostered by the same wonderful client.. we're all wondering when this will turn in to a foster fail!

Ginger Boy 1 - Is now named Brian and had found his forever home with our nurse, Kylie

Ginger Boy 2 - Still living here at the clinic

Ginger Girl - Still living here at the clinic

Ginger boy 2 and ginger girl were the most shy of the bunch and have taken longer to find homes for. The little girl is the more confident of the two, however she suffered an injury whilst doing standard crazy kitten runs and needed to be kept confined to ensure the injury was nothing more serious. We have sedated the little girl, taken x-rays and thoroughly examined her and can find no signs of a long term injury.

They are both very happy and healthy, but desperately need to be taken on in a loving home. They are cautious of new people and loud sounds, however they will willingly come for pats and snuggles if you sit quietly with them.

Our best case scenario is that they go to a home together, the girl in particular becomes quite distressed without her brother around.

These two would best suit a home with either no young children, or a new baby who can not yet chase them! They have been exposed to my children and take to the older, more quiet one given some time.. however they are terrified of the younger, louder child. They have also been exposed to dogs and do not particularly like them. However if you have an older dog who is not going to chase them, it still may work!

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