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Family Owned

With many of the vets around our area, Melbourne and even Australia now being either fully or partially owned by large corporations, we thought we would take the time to let you know that you are supporting a wholly family owned business.

David and Anne Elise made their dreams come true when they leased the clinic in October 1997 and opened the Oakleigh Central Vet. Many of you have been clients since the first days, watching on as renovations took place, staff came and went, David's children became young adults and we evolved in to what you see today.

We are so proud to be part of this family owned business and love having you as part of it too!

For us, a family owned business means we feel like our opinions count, our positions in the clinic are important and that we can genuinely make a difference in the lives of our clients and patients.

We love to greet you as you arrive, we adore playing on the floor with your pets, our hearts break when your pets are in pain and we grieve with you when your pets cross the Rainbow Bridge.

We feel that pets are people too! For you and your pet, we ensure your visit is as stress free as possible, we explain things in plain language and we are respectful and sensitive to your wishes.

We absolutely LOVE animals! Being compassionate, caring and gentle with the pets entrusted to us is our passion.

For our team, the learning never stops! We constantly ensure our pet care, medical and surgical skills are 'worlds best practice.'

We respect your time. We do our utmost to keep you informed if ever we are running behind to help ensure your day runs smoothly.

We simply won't compromise. Our services are not always the cheapest around, but for good reason! You see we will not cut corners or offer inferior health products. We will recommend appropriate treatments, whilst being sensitive to your circumstances.

What does this mean for you?

Being a small, family owned business we get to HEAR you!

If things are not going as you expected, if we have let you down in any way, or we have exceeded your expectations, we want you to tell us!

Perhaps it is something we have overlooked, or simply did not see as a problem. We want to hear your concerns, and your praise!

If is something you think we could be doing better, we want to know about it so we can change it.

If you think we are doing something really well, we also want to know about it, so we can praise our staff and nurture a healthy and happy work environment which in turn creates a relaxed, confident and comfortable environment for you and your pet.

To help us out, we really appreciate it when you are a few minutes early for your appointment and that payments are made promptly after the visit as ended. This ensures everything runs smoothly and to time, for us and for you.

Make appointments as close as possible to the due date noted on your reminder letters for vaccinations, health checks etc. These are critical to your pet's ongoing health and wellness.

We thank you for choosing us to look after the furry members of your family and for supporting our family.

We know there are many vets in the area and often, ones that are closer to you than we are.

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