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Christmas Opening Hours

December is upon us and with that, silly season is in full swing. If you need to board your pets over the Christmas and New Year period, please make sure that you have booked your spot! We highly recommend Hanrob Pet Hotels, but they book out quickly!

Please remember that boarding facilities require your pets to be fully vaccinated a minimum of TWO WEEKS prior to their stay. We seem to become increasingly busy with vaccinations as Christmas gets closer, so to avoid the rush and to ensure you're able to come in at a convenient time, book your appointment now.

As usual, we will be closing for the Christmas and New Year period, please see our opening times below.

Monday 24th December: Open 9-2

Tuesday25th December: Closed

Wednesday 26th December: Closed

Thursday 27th December: Closed

Friday 28th December: Closed

Saturday 29th December: Closed

Sunday 30th December: Closed

Monday 31st December: Closed

Tuesday 1st January: Closed

Wednesday 2nd January: Open 9-7

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