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Early Finish Puppy Vaccinations

Did you know that there are vaccinations for puppies that allow them to go out sooner??

Traditionally puppies get a course of 3-4 vaccinations before they are considered to have adequate protection to go out into the real world.

Normally the vaccines are given at 6-8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks and immunity is not considered complete until 18 weeks.

So during this early time, socialisation is limited to attending puppy school, and visiting friends or family dogs that are fully vaccinated and healthy within your backyard or their backyard.

Unfortunately, Behavioural specialists agree that the most important time to socialise puppies is before 16-20 weeks old !!!!

The good news is that there are early finish vaccinations available. These overcome maternal antibodies obtained by the puppies from their mothers milk so that immunity develops more quickly.

At Oakleigh Central Vet we have been using this Nobivac vaccination for more than 10 years. It has been tried and tested and it is the only one that comes with a company guarantee that will cover any illness that the vaccination should have prevented.

So our recommendation for puppies is to have the Nobivac vaccination at 10 weeks of age. They are then able to go out and meet the world 7 days later. They can even then join dog schools that run in public places at 11 weeks. Hopefully this leads to a more socially well adjusted dog and member of your family.

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