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Responsible cat ownership

Cats are beautiful and intelligent creatures and as a cat owner you have the responsibility to your cat, their community and the environment. Responsibly cared for cats are happy and safe, make great neighbours and don't threaten wildlife.

If you have visited the clinic with your cat you would know that we are bid advocates for indoor only cats. It keeps them safe from the dangers outside ( cat fights, FIV, cars ). They tend to be more affectionate and seek to be around you more. We often also recommend outdoor play areas for cats. There are companies that will build pens for you but if you are handy or know a handyman you can do it yourself. If you check out the website they sell everything you need to make a run or pen and they have a great gallery that shows you what other people have made.

Top tips for a responsible cat owner:

  • Cats must be microchipped and registered with your local council. Keep your details up to date.

  • Use a collar with an identification tag - people will know your cat is owned

  • Desex your cat - there are enough kittens looking for homes.

  • Keep your cat healthy by feeding a complete and balanced diet, giving parasite prevention, regular health checks and vaccinations

  • Curfew your cat from dusk to dawn. This is the time wildlife is most at risk and cats are most at risk of getting into fights and encountering cars. A curfew is law now in most council areas. Also according to the Australian Wildlife Conservation Group, an estimated 75 million native animals are killed DAILY by owned and feral cats.

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